Scholar Who Walks the Night: First Impressions (Ep 1-2)

After waiting for what seems like an eternity, Scholar Who Walks the Night (SWWTN) has finally premiered last Wednesday! The thing about these dramas that start teasing and filming too early is that viewers will often feel extra disappointed if it doesn't live up to the hype. Fortunately, at least for me, SWWTN did live up to all the buzz it created.

I managed to find the Chinese translated for the currently ongoing manhwa that SWWTN is based on and rushed through it before the drama started. Since I'm not thaaat good at reading Chinese, I didn't understand much but from I could tell, the drama has been following the storyline quite closely. There are a few differences such as the way Sung Yeol became a vampire and of course the addition of the character Myunghee played by Kim So Eun.

Lee Jun Ki is perfect and impressive as Sung Yeol. His casting is spot on as his trademark pretty boy image fits the androgynous look of his manhwa counterpart perfectly. As with Lee Yoo Bi who is basically a carbon copy of Yang Sun in the book. And even though Lee Soo Hyuk doesn't have silver hair, he is just so gorgeous and it feels so wrong because he is so evil but SO HANDSOME. Kim So Eun is playing new dual characters. One is the first love of Sung Yeol from 120 years ago and the other is Hye Ryung. I really really love Kim So Eun and glad to finally see her in a drama instead of following her in WGM week after week. I can't say much about Changmin yet since we got so little of his character but I'm not feeling any stiffness from him so far! I am however feeling very bad about his moustache and beard. Changmin is my favourite in TVXQ so seeing him with facial hair was a bit of a shock and it will take probably forever for me to get used to.

Cutie pie So Eun being a cutie pie
The first episode was solid and fast paced without letting any time go by freely. I'm pretty glad that the writers decided to present the whole setup in the first episode instead of flashbacks throughout the drama. It's just so much less confusing and it allows us to follow the present time much better, which is more important. At the same time, we can still see the changes in our titular character from 120 years ago and now. What Sung Yeol went through was tragic and his personality has changed drastically. Gone is the slightly sassy scholar with a happy marriage on the way and in comes a vampire with a human heart, unable to control his urges and haunted by the death of his loved ones. I'm glad that Sung Yeol has people by his side but hiding away for 120 years as everyone around him changes and leaves him behind must be sad.

The second episode was just as good but slowed down only by a little bit. We see more of our heroine and her background. People can move mountains for the one they love and we see that here as Yang Sun is doing everything she can to support her family and her little sister even if they aren't related by blood. Her relationship with her sister is just too cute but I'm really afraid it'll end in tragedy. From years of drama-watching experience, I feel like something is going to happen to her little sister. Please oh please, dramagods, let me be wrong!

Even though I love this drama's OTP, I actually found the OTP scene in episode 2 to be a little awkward. Maybe its because Lee Yoo Bi is rocking her cross dressing look too well, but I was actually so unused to her long hair. Ha! Even though Sung Yeol's frivolous and teasing personality worked in the manhwa, I'm afraid its a bit hard to transfer that onto camera, where it can easily look and feel cringey.

I'm really enjoying Gwi so far. His character is a typical villain at first glance but if you pause and think about it, he's anything but typical. He has the power to stay alive for a long time because of how strong he is. From what I interpret, it's as if Gwi is bored of his tyranny. It's become too easy for him. So after Sung Yeol turned into a vampire and knocked him unconscious with his unexpected powers, Gwi was probably shocked and that's why he waited so long to battle with Sung Yeol again.

I actually don't typically watch saeguks or anything vampire related so I'm watching this purely based on the actors themselves and especially for the OTP. The story so far is quite good and I'm getting really good vibes from all of the characters.


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