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My name is Dramarama and I love all Asian dramas, movies, and mangas!

For all you literal people out there, my name isn't actually Dramarama. Im 18 and from Canada.

I decided to make this blog because I found that I always have so much to say about the dramas I watch and none of my friends will spazz with me. Therefoooore, all the "reviews" I post should not be taken seriously. In all seriousness they aren't really reviews, just how I feel about them. I usually watch a drama I like a whole bunch of times if I like them so the "reviews" will definitely contain spoilers!

This is certainly not a serious blog and I'm not serious on grammar. You will probably see a lot of grammar mistakes in my posts but they will never get too bad (I hope). It's not that I don't know grammar, (I'm from Canada) but I just don't want to make writing blogs a chore like writing essays, so I rarely read over my posts. I know some people are nitpicky about grammar so if you are a grammar police (which is tots fine) then maybe you shouldn't read my posts because they might make you angry lol. And yeah, I also use a lot of "lol LOL lololol :D :) ^^ hahah."

This blog is mainly about dramas but I will post about movies as well. OCCASIONALLY I will write about mangas because I really love reading mangas! especially shoujo! :D

If you want to find out more about what I like then check out the various favourites pages above ^^


Anonymous said...

i love to read your analysis...the anaysis of drama

Dramarama said...

Thank you!

Anonymous said...

hi..i love your blog..speciallly about J-dorama.do you have tumblr account?

tseballs said...

I think your analysis is super interesting to read! It definitely brightens my day!

Dramarama said...

@Anonymous Thanks!
@Tseballs Thank you so much! Your posts brighten up my day as well :D

tseballs said...

I really love how you have been really into J drama lately. It opened me up to a new type of drama I haven't really associated with before :) &&&& Miura Haruma is so cuteeee

Amber H said...

Hi!! I was wondering if there was a way to follow your blog (bloglovin, feed burner, etc) I tried the email bar at the bottom but it says that it doesn't work :((

Dramarama said...

@Amber H I just realized the email following doesn't work, sorry about that! I just added my blog to bloglovin (https://www.bloglovin.com/blogs/dramarama-12012711) Thank you so much for even wanting to follow my blog :)

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